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Doble viga motorizada grúa viajera 20ton

  • $8000
  • $60000
Payment Type:
L/C,T/T,Paypal,Western Union
Min. Order:
1 Set/Sets
Delivery Time:
30 Days
Qingdao Port,Tianjin Port,Shanghai Port
  • DDescripción
Product Attributes




Place Of OriginHenan, China

CertificateISO, CE, CUTR, SGS, BV

Warranty12 Months

Power Source220V~480V

SafetyWeight Overload Protection

Paint ColorCustom-sized

Duty GroupA3/A4/A5/A6/A7/A8

ApplicationPower, Chemical, Steel Plant

Lifting MechanismElectric Trolley

Supply Ability & Additional Informations

PaqueteLas estructuras de acero y el carro están embalados con telas no tejidas.



Lugar de origenChina

Capacidad de suministro12000 sets/year

Certificados ISO9001,ISO14001


HafenQingdao Port,Tianjin Port,Shanghai Port

Tipo de PagoL/C,T/T,Paypal,Western Union


Plazo de entrega30 días

Packaging & Delivery
Selling Units:
Package Type:
Las estructuras de acero y el carro están embalados con telas no tejidas.

Breve introducción para la grúa de puente aéreo de 20 vigas con motor de doble viga 20ton

La grúa de puente de doble viga ( grúa aérea, grúa electrónica) se aplica en un almacén abierto o en un riel lateral para realizar trabajos de carga y descarga de materiales comunes, se puede dividir en grado de trabajo de A3 ~ A8 de acuerdo con la frecuencia de uso.

Esta grúa puente compuesta de puente, mecanismo de desplazamiento, carro, equipo eléctrico, el marco del puente adopta una estructura soldada en caja, el mecanismo de desplazamiento de la grúa adopta un accionamiento separado con motor y reductor de velocidad. Todos los mecanismos se controlan en la cabina del conductor. La fuente de alimentación adopta festón de cable y alambre deslizante, seleccione uno al realizar el pedido.

Capacidad de elevación estándar: 5T, 10T, 16 / 3.2T, 20 / 5T, 32 / 5T, 50 / 10T, 75 / 20T, 100 / 20T, 100 / 30T, 125 / 30T, 150 / 30T, 160 / 32T, 200 / 50T, 400 / 80T, 550 / 250T, la mayor capacidad puede ser de tamaño personalizado.

Tipos de grúas puente:

  • Puente grúa de doble viga para capacidad de elevación de cucharón de hasta 600 toneladas;
  • Puente grúa de doble viga para capacidad de fábrica de acero de hasta 600 toneladas;
  • Puente grúa de doble viga para entornos combustibles de hasta 600 toneladas;
  • Puente grúa de doble viga con capacidad de elevación de hasta 50 toneladas;
  • Puente grúa de doble viga con capacidad de elevación del carro elevador de hasta 80 toneladas;
  • Puente grúa de doble viga con capacidad de elevación de imán de hasta 50 toneladas;
  • Puente grúa de doble viga con capacidad de elevación del cabrestante eléctrico de hasta 300 toneladas;
  • Grúa puente de doble viga con polipasto de cadena con capacidad de elevación de hasta 30 toneladas.
20ton Overhead Bridge Crane

20ton Overhead Bridge Crane

  • Selección de grúas para diferentes usos

20ton Overhead Bridge Crane

LH Double Girder Bridge Crane

  • Lifting capacity: 1~20ton
  • Span length: 7.5m~31.5m
  • Lifting height: 6m~30m
  • Lifting speed: single speed, dual speed, 
  • Travel speed: single speed, dual speed, variable speed(by frequency converter)
  • Usage: widely used in plant, workshop, warehouse, materal stock, etc.
  • Control mode: Pendant panel, Radio remote control.
20ton Overhead Bridge Crane
QD Double Girder Bridge Crane
  • Capacity from 5t~550ton(standard)
  • Lifting Height: 16m-26m(can custom-sized)

  • Span: 10.5m-31.5m (can custom-sized)

  • According to the use grade and load up condition, working class can be divided to A5, A6.
  • Control mode: Pendant panel, remote control, cabin room.
20ton Overhead Bridge Crane
QC Magnet Double Girder Bridge Crane
  • Control mode: Cabin, pendant, remote.
  • Work duty: A6~A7
  • The electromagnetic chunk is suspended under the hook directly, which is in order to dismount and maintenance conveniently.
  • The electromagnetic chunk adopts to cable drum to supply power independently.
  • With a protection function of magnetic, it can prevent clog from falling when it is in sudden power failure.
20ton Overhead Bridge Crane

Ladle/foundry Bridge Crane

  • Mainly used at the metallurgy and foundry place where the molten metal is lifted.
  • QDY Capacity: under 75ton, YZ capacity: above 75ton.
  • Working class of complete machine is A7~A8.
  • Thermal-protective coating is added at the bottom of main girder.
20ton Overhead Bridge Crane

QZ Double Girder Grab Bridge Crane

  • Heavy duty, work level : A6.
  • Rated lifting weight includes dead weight of grab.
  • Walkway entrance way into the cab: from the end, from the side, from the top.
  • Grab opening direction: parallel to or perpendicular to main beams.
  • Extract device is a double drum four-rope grab, with simple structure, reliable work. Grab could open and close at any height.
  • Grab only applies to granular materials in natural piled state, crawling underwater materials or special materials shall be specially made when ordering.

  • Parámetros técnicos

20ton Overhead Bridge Crane

  • Descripción detallada del componente

20ton Overhead Bridge Crane

1. Motor

Motor adopts YZR series crane special use winding rotor three-phoase asynchronous motor. YZR series motor is suitable for driving various kinds of hoisting machinery and metallurgy auxiliary equipment, with high overload capacity and mechanical strength, especially for short-term or intermittent operation, frequent start-up, braking and significant vibration and impact of equipment. Motor protection grade is IP54, insulation grade is F class.

2. Reducer

All speed reducers in our company have installed oil receiving device to avoid the oil stain caused by oil change. The soft tooth surface reducer is the most advanced common structure design, with the steel plate welding, the gear is high quality low carbon alloy steel, widely used.

3. Brake

Adopt YWZ series hydraulic brake, this series brake uses pusher as the actuator of the brake, electric hydraulic booster is a kind of integrated motor, centrifugal pump, oil cylinder, and very compact drive control device. Mainly used for mechanical braking of mechanical driving devices such as lifting transportation, metallurgy, mining, port and building.

4. Hook block

It consists of hook and pulley. The hook material is DG34CrMo. The pulley material is Q235 hot-rolling. It adopts anti-friction roller bearing, the hook can be 360degree rotation. It is equipped with spring-pressed safety lock, preventing from slipping off. All pulleys use maintenance-free bearing, the design can efficiently prevent abrasion between steel rope and pulley shell. It has delicate overall structure and volume as well as nice appearance.

5. Coupling & Shaft

Use safe, reliable transmission performance coupling to connect the various agencies of transmission components, torque transmission at the same time compensate for certain installation errors caused by the angle and radial offset to improve the dynamic characteristics of the transmission. Brake wheel coupling includes brake wheel and braking unit. The transmission shaft adopts 45# steel material, which is strictly calculated by strength (static strength and fatigue strength).Ensure its strength and reliability, and smooth the transmission torque.

6. Buffer and limit switch

Trolley is installed JHQ polyurethane buffers, it has the good performance of absorbing the moving mechanism energy and reducing the impact.

7. Electric box

It is of IP55 protection class, air plug and fast-easy installation; Schneider/ABB/Siemens/CHINT electrical kits, etc. 

  • Producción de grúas

20ton Overhead Bridge Crane

Incoming  material 


Every batch of raw materials must be tested when they enter the factory. We set up a special testing room.It covers non-destructive inspection room, metallographic analysis and hardness inspection room, mechanics inspection and chemical inspection room. Testing methods has non-destructive testing,metallographic analysis, mechanical testing and chemical analysis, mainly testing and control of the raw materials, crane components, product


and flattening the steel plate  

After uncoiling, leveling, sizing and shearing, the required length and width of the flat sheet can  be obtained, which can protect the flat sheet without scars, high shearing accuracy, double      palletizing and discharging, high efficiency and speed.
Pressure    Groove  According to crane specifications to groove pressing with different model, and main girder forming at one time can realize that the U-groove of the whole main girder of single girder crane has no butt weld, thus reducing stress concentration point, improving the strength and stiffness of the main girder, and greatly improving the comprehensive bearing capacity of the main girder.
Welding  Stiffener There is a support which can keep the main girder be not deformed, and workers can work easily without bending.
Welding main beam with the ending     
 Welding I   beam and  ventral            Submerged arc welding (SAW) is a kind of protective welding with Rohm double gun automatic welding, which has the advantages of full weld, deep molten pool, beautiful shape and high welding quality. At the same time, the welding distortion is reduced.
Checking  span,welding  flange In production, the hanging plates of the main girder and the end girder are processed together, punched together, and then knock down from end beam and weld to the main girder.
Painting Two-layer primer, two-layer paint

  • Embalaje y Entrega
Steel parts Steel parts are packed in polythene woven cloth, which can prevent rainwater from directly contacting the crane and protect the painting
Electric parts and hoist Electric parts are packed by strong plywood crate case, which plays a protective and moistureproof role.

20ton Overhead Bridge Crane

  • Información necesaria para obtener un precio.

Basic informations needed of double girder bridge crane 1. Capacity:_  ( max weight of material)
2. Span:_ ( rail center to rail center)
3. Lifting height:_ ( from ground to hook)
4. Crane traveling legnth:_
5. What goods will the crane lift?
6. Working environment:
7. Speed requirement:
8. Comtrol method: control pendent, remote control, cabin control.       

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